South Africa & Mozambique 2013

This was a tour going right across South Africa, starting in Cape Town and going into Mozambique at the NE corner of South Africa before returning via the Kruger Park to Johannesburg. We travelled in our own truck and carried camping and cooking gear although we often stayed at hotels or lodges. The tour was booked through Exodus who contract to Mask - a South Africa company.

After our last documented trip to China it is good to see Joan looking her normal self again.

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Around Cape Town

The view of Table Mountain from our hotel room.

Walking on Signal Hill
(Sandy), Ann, Jane, Will, Fran, (Rosio), Rob, Joan, Bevan
...and Sofiso with his truck.

Beautiful sandy beaches
and a view of Cape of Good Hope.

An Agama Lizard and a Hyrax.
Both seen while we walked to the Cape of Good Hope.

Penguins on the shore S. of Simon's Town

Penguins and tourists at the Penguin Colony

Table Mountain

View from near the Cable Car station

Walking along Table Mountain
and Point McLear - the summit.

Flowers growing along the paths

Some more of the paths

Descent of Plattenklip Gorge:
Start of path a view down the gorge.
(Locals advised us that the descent is hard on the knees.
We concur with that advice.)


A very unusual pulpit in the church.

In the cellars where we had a wine-tasting tour

A lunch-stop beside the road.
One of many to come!


The beach near our hotel.

Mossel Bay

Restored old houses in the Museum grounds

A full-sized sailing ship, inside the museum.

Tsitsikamma National Park

Preparing for our first night camping

The facilities of our truck.
The laundry facilities of the campsite.

The suspension bridge across the river.
A short stroll from our tents.

Sunset in the camp

Walking the Blue Duiker Trail

Waves breaking near the campsite

Rosio and Jane before their bungy jump.
Looking anxious!

The girls with Bevan after all three had jumped.
More relaxed now!

A clear view of our excellent truck.
(or should I say Sofiso's truck?)

The Stormsrivier Bridge

A revolutionary design when completed in 1956.
Much-increased in width since my 1960 visit!

The drinks section of the adjacent shop. (There was nothing there in 1960)
Typical soft-drinks section - it is a hot and thirsty country!

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