Zimbabwe 1989

Zimbabwe is full of cute little animals. This is not one of them.

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Harare - click for larger version Overview of Harare

The best way to see Harare used to be from a glider. Sadly the Warren Hills club has now been closed down for a housing development.

Emergency taxi - click for larger version

For the earthbound, an "emergency taxi" is the best way get around.

Click for larger version The local "Mountaineering Club" organises weekend walks.

Keep off the grass

You may find it a little different from walking at home.

Click for larger version

You will have an opportunity to see the vast stone balls which are common in Zimbabwe

Bushman paintings - click for larger version

There are bushman paintings in the area, from the time when they lived here.

Fish Eagle - click for larger version

The local wildlife is interesting.

Walking in Mavura Donha - click for larger version

During long weekends the Mountaineering Club also organise some multi-day treks.

Click for larger version

You will not get bridges over the rivers.

Breakfast - click for larger version

But they know some super breakfast stops.

Bush-walking - click for larger version Walking with a professional guide

This is expensive and you will see less game than by viewing from vehicles, but the experience will be richer.

Here we have got the gun, but we are still giving a pair of elderly Cape Buffalo a wide berth.

 - click for larger version

Sometimes you get the feeling that you are being watched.

 - click for larger version

Here he comes!

No one to move a muscle!

 - click for larger version

There! He is a decent elephant. He wouldn't really kill us.


Try it for fun!

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